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October 10, 2017
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ABC is releasing a new sitcom, called 'The Mayor'  inspired by Chance the Rapper and "Hamilton" breakout star, Daveed Diggs. The creator of the show, Jeremy Bronson, explained Daveed was part of all kinds of community groups growing up, in which they would also create music. Chance the Rapper started out doing poetry in the multi-purpose classrooms of his high school. Bronson found this very interesting and used this as an inspiration for the creation of the main character of 'The Mayor', Courtney Rose, portrayed by Brandon Micheal Hall.

Courtney Rose is a struggling rapper looking for his big break. He's been living in a small, crappy, apartment, while recording his music in a messy, tiny, closet. When he becomes tired of waiting for a break he plans a massive publicity stunt, running for mayor in his hometown in California. His plan, however, takes a turn for the worse, when he actually ends up winning the election. With the help from his mother, portrayed by Community's Yvette Nicole Brown, and his chief of staff Valentina Barella, portrayed by Glee's Lea Michele, Courtney now has to grow up to be able to make a difference in the struggling city he loves.

Much like ABC's Blackish, The Mayor focusses on the many cultural and political issues currently effecting the United States. The show will probably raise some controversy, but also inspire American youngsters to become a bigger part of their community and show them it's possible to make a difference. Make sure to check it out!

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