Jessey Voorn by Mounir Raji

September 8, 2017
Pau on top
September 8, 2017
Jessey Voorn on his style and inspiration
September 9, 2017

This photo reportage kicks off a series of stories where we blend the style of talented basketball players and the experience of prominent photographers. Where we will vary from portraits to action shots to fashion shoots. Each time a touch of their own.


Shirt - Dries van Noten, Trousers - Acne studios

Hoodie - Acne Studios, Jacket - Daily Paper, Pants - Balenciaga, Shoes - Filling Pieces

Turtleneck - Ellesse, Jacket - Wood Wood, Pants - Wood Wood, Shoes - Converse

Shirt - Samsoe Samsoe, Trousers - Acne studios

Sweater - Dries van Noten, Bomber - Dries van Noten, Pants - Gucci, Shoes - Comme des Garçons for Converse

Photography: Mounir Raji - Visionary Agency
Model: Jessey Voorn
Styling: Ogènda 
Styling assistant: Navarone Cole
Production: Storm Gori

Special thanks to de Bijenkorf