October 7, 2017

Franca: Chaos and Creation, The women behind Vogue Italia

Franca Sozzani was one of the most influential editors Vogue has ever had. For twenty-eight years she was editor and chief of Vogue Italia, creating some of their most iconic issues.
September 30, 2017

Movie Guide October

Are you running low on new movies to watch? Don't worry, here are some movies coming out in October you can add to your to-watch list.
September 24, 2017

3 Sports Series to Binge Watch this sunday

It is lazy Sunday and we just entered Autumn which means there is no better time to...
September 13, 2017

10 Hip-Hop artists who became actors

There’s quite some artists who’ve taken their storytelling to the big screen by starring...
August 8, 2017

Five great basketball movies

It is the middle of Summer, and this means that there is a break in the basketball season. There are no games, players are on holiday, and therefore there is no action to watch, and no sensation and drama to follow on live television.