We Are Basket

October 10, 2017

Behind the Arc: Worthy de Jong

In Behind the Arc, We Are Basket highlights different people in the basketballworld on camera. This time, we visited Dutch basketball star, Worthy de Jong at his house in Leiden.
October 5, 2017

Winter Essentials With Sammie Sedano

In this fashion shoot, we tried to capture the balance between Sammie's raw sound and being a happy entertainer.
October 2, 2017

Our favorite runway looks from Paris FashionWeek

Fashion Month has come to an end, with the final shows being presented in Paris. It was a week full of nostalgia, with Lacoste returning to Paris and...
October 1, 2017

Jonas Wood, basketball and pottery

This week museum Verlinden in Wassenaar will feature a new composition of the couple Shio Kusaka and Jonas Wood. The art features pottery from Shio that has been painted by Jonas Wood in his signature style.
September 27, 2017

Who wants to visit Trump at the White House?

This weekend, there were a lot of new problems for the President of the United States, Donald Trump, next to his usual problems: North Korea, Puerto Rico or Obamacare. This time Trump collided with America’s favorite pastime: professional sports.
September 16, 2017

What if?

It was a close semi-final but in the end Serbia advanced to the final on Sunday. Serbia versus Slovania will bring back memories of a country that wasn’t divided.
September 14, 2017

From Amsterdam to Africa with Daily Paper

Giving back to the continent that inspired them to create their label was the main motivation to create this collection.
September 14, 2017

How to get a Greek Passport

Trivia question. Which coach, present at Eurobasket 2017, played the most NBA games?
September 12, 2017

Ricky is shooting for the stars

Ricky Rubio was the unsung hero in Spain’s victory over Turkey, 73-56, in the round of 16. In the fourth quarter when Turkey made a serious run to come within a few points, Rubio stood up.